Software Prototypes

Multi Subject Knowledge Practice

Intelligent Practice
Intelligent subject practice

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Multiple subject fact practice using spaced intervals. Running prototype was written in Java to run on an Android phone. The concept separated the game interactions and facts with a marketplace for authors, users, and interaction designers.

Intent and Suggested Action

Intent and Action
Intent and Action

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Helping system be more effective by making you more efficient. Understanding a person’s intent and suggesting actions.
Written in Java for an Android OS phone.

Detect and intent and suggest adding it to your list

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Watches for an intended action to allow the software to collect a group of suggested actions once the card is accepted.

The intents shown on a smart watch

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Designed and built for a smart watch screen size. Written in Java for Android OS and loaded onto the watch.

You own Personal Square Information display

A Personal Square on your wall

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Personal display with unique square format. Using verbal and motion UI controls. Written in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js and Sailsjs. Used Kinect motion and voice to capture gestures and voice command.

Family to Family Video with activity signaling

Family Video
Fanily member to Family member Communication

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Family to family communication with live video, video or audio messages, and signalling activity.
The system was written to run on Android tablets. It was written in Java to run on Android OS.

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Each user sees the other family’s picture and the audio from their location is converted to a unique visualization around the image to show someone is home