Loan Signing Offers

Signing Service’s offers are quickly sent using text messages and emails. A good Loan Signing Agent needs to quickly and efficiently review and respond to them. Responding to all offers tells the Signing Services to put you on the top of their contact list.

To get the best fees a Loan Signing Agent needs to know their costs. Part of their costs are travel and time expenses. Those expenses are the time and distance it takes to travel from your office to the signing and back.

Unfortunately a Signing Service offer only shows the zip code of the signing location. So you need to memorize zip codes and distances. The large number of zip codes in urban areas or long distances between zip codes in rural areas are tough to remember. I have over 70 zip codes around my city.

This app written in calculates the expenses for a signing offer. It has three levels to it, The Free version shows a route, distance, and time information using the starting and ending zip code. The app has a complete list of over 44,000 zip codes to make it easier to type in the correct one.

It shows a Call To Action (CTA), pointing to a landing page, to ask the free user to sign up to fully understand their costs of doing a signing at that zip code.

Using straight line distance fails to account for traffic and roads. This app connects to Google Map API to map directions and calculate Distance and Duration information to get the most accurate data to calculate expenses.

The Image above shows the free version with the basic information about traveling to a signing.

The email protected version shows expenses with standard prices for mileage, time, and printing costs. It calculates the approximate hourly rate of the Loan Signing Agent using the Signing Service’s offer

The paid version below uses actual expenses for printing, automobile, and a price for travel time to the signing. It INSTANTLY calculates a new bid amount to request from the Signing Services to cover the agent’s expenses and to raise their fees and hourly rate for a particular signing.

Signing Offer Calculator with suggested bid

Initially it hides the Time it takes to do a Signing, the Travel Costs, and the Printing Costs. Opening the settings allows the user to quickly change the settings so the app can recommend a bid price to cover costs.

Signing Offer with all settings

The Bubble page is responsive by splitting the UI into blocks they can be stacked for a mobile version of the app.

Loan Signing Agent Tracker

Track all of the Notary Loan Signing assignments from Mortgage, Title/Escrow and Signing Services. A Signing Agent needs to track many assignments, their progress and ultimately the payments for their work. This is a mobile web application built in

They enter signing order information such as signer’s name, location, date and time of signing appointment, amount paid and other details needed to complete the order. They work with a complete ordered list of upcoming signings.

Signing Order Tasks
Tracking Calendar
Signing Order List

As you work on a signing order, enter your progress and track your time. Display the address where you need to travel to

They can see how much time they spend on each step in the process. And the average time per step to improve future signings.

They can track variable expenses like printing costs and travel costs, to make sure that the profit from the negotiated price for the signing is acceptable

In the end this is a business so it is important to track how much is your gross income and how your income is changing over time.


Extracts data from a PDF version of a Utility Bill. Then the appropriate data and the PDF file is loaded to create a equivalent Bill in the RentManager© property management system.

Loading Property Utility Bills

The system lists all of your PDF files. Then it parses the data from all the PDF Bills using different templates for each type of utility or other bill, With the parsed data it creates a new Bill in RentManager©. Then it attaches a copy of the original PDF file to the newly created Bill.

The is software is installed on desktop as an executable application for better control and security. The software is written in the Go language, using the React UI framework, and remote APIs.